The E-Edition of “Za Bulgarite” is offering a rich catalogue for scientific, travel and outdoor literature, essays, journals, reviews and much more. 

If you have you own material and you would like to publish it so it can reach more people, forward it to us and we will be happy to publish it for you. Publishing your original piece of work in an electronic format can be even better than a hard copy, as the number of potential readers is practically unlimited. In addition you would be able to use and quote your writing, protect and better preserve your rights as the original author of the material and to demand form the users of your material to always define and quote you as the author.

All materials published in the E-Edition of “Za Bulgarite” are created by and belong to their authors and only they can have copyrights over them. Only the people who define themselves as an author of a given published material can be held responsible for violation of the copyrights of others.

Authors in the E-Edition of “Za Bulgarite’ are only those individuals who have published at least one item and who have given their consent for the creation of their own personal internet space on My Web Site Za Bulgarite.

The authors in the E- Edition of “Za Bulgarite” are NOT part of the "Za Bulgarite" team. The authors form their own community separate from that of the team and, as a result, have specific rights in accordance with our Rules for publishing.

Every author who has published material in the website possesses full rights over their work, but is obliged to quote My Website Za Bulgarite as the source. Any use of a published material must always be accompanied by a citation of the author, as well as the website in which the material is published - www.ZaBulgarite.com .

Anyone who wants to become an author must express their interest by sending a completed request form and add the relevant materials to be published.

If you have materials you want to be published but do not want to become an author with your own dedicated profile and space reserved by My Website ZaBulgarite, then you can send us just your material for publication.


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